The village of Ambra, which its name originates from the homonymous torrent that crosses the whole valley, it is already known in the XII century with sources concerning the ancient castle. The curious will find traces of the ancient fortified nucleus between “Via del Castello” and “Via Galilei”, where “Piazza Filzi” and the confluent alleys were annexed, one of the latter (“gli Sportici”) leads to one of the ancient access door of the castrum ambrae.

Still in “Piazza Filzi”, there is the church of Santa Maria Assunta dating back to 1300, which incorporates behind the main altar a part of the medieval walls of the castle: worthy of note is the “Natività di Maria” located in the right side chapel, attributed to Giovanni Mannozzi, a valdarnese painter of great value.

 On the occasion of “Palio della Palla Tonchiata” the hamlet divided into 5: “Pozzo”, “Senese”, “Piazza”, “Castello”, “Poggio”, a medieval joust that it dates back to the memory the conflict between Ambra and Bucine, aiming at winning the municipality through a ball of serene stone with tonks, this ball, stolen twice from Bucine, is hidden in the hills of the Valdambra and only a select few know where it is. The game consists in pushing balls tugged by two pushers rigorously “valdambrini”, weighing 80/90 kg making a tour around the village twice, the first arrived wins palio, glory and fame.

Still in September, in the second week takes place “Sagra della Lumaca”, the delicious snails, already appreciated at the times of Greeks and Romans, still today it is considered a dish of haute cuisine and at the same time a culinary element part of the “poor” country cookery, confirmed by the memories of the elderly. With the typical hospitality of the place, the “valdambrini” will guide you in what is a real delicacy, an experience made of lively flavors with secret preparations all handed down and jealously guarded by the housewives of Ambra as the snails with sauce.


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