In ancient times, a fundamental crossroads: this is the village of Capannole, of which we have information since Middle Age, but the archeological findings of the roman age make us think of a stable human presence even at that time; in fact, many historians attribute to Capannole the ancient roman station Umbro Flumen mentioned in the Tabula Peuntingeriana.

The geographical proximity with Arezzo, Siena and Florence made it become a desired strategic point and it is no coincidence that a baptismal church was erected along the road junction, destination of many pilgrims: the church of San Quirico. It incurred in many interventions that have complicated the reliability of the documentation; the only nave is decorated in neo-gothic style and on the main altar we can appreciate the 17th century painting of “Madonna in Gloria e Santi”.


Adventuring on foot is possible discover landscapes of innate beauty, recommended is to go near and inside the ancient village; here you can still breathe the typical air of the Tuscan Middle Age thanks to the small houses juxtaposed side by side, the small evocative streets and the old medieval walls that defended the ancient castle, also depicted on a seal of an eighteenth century text, as symbol of the free municipality of Capannole.