Stand out on a high hillock, unmissable destination of every excursion in Valdambra, here there is the village of Cennina, a fortress that in the past had a great strategic importance.

Seeing its barycentric position to the provinces of Florence, Arezzo and Siena, what arose was an area still suggestive and filled with historical attractions.

Once in the quaint village it is impossible not to notice the remains of one of the many towers that composed the castle and a stretch of the massive old medieval walls, these numerous findings transmit us a skillful art of defense from which transpires charm and a unique atmosphere.


The care dedicated to the historic core make it one of the most enchanting and picturesque villages of Bucine’s municipality, starting from “Piazza della Cisterna” along the narrow streets between the typical stone and brick houses, till to the church of San Pietro, Cennina is a popular destination for those who want immerse themselves in an enchanting medieval heritage.


At the same time, its privileged position favors hikers looking for an itinerary through the nature of Valdambra, which can head towards Solata or Duddova.

The village of Cennina offers near the church one of the widest and most stunning views of the entire area, from which is possible admire in the distance the forms of Pratomagno, Civitella, Valdichiana and La Verna, including the valleys of Arno and Ambra. A panoramic point for professional and non-professional photographers, which reaches its peak in the hour when the sun turns at sunset, making the view and the atmosphere unique.