A few kilometers from Bucine, right on the banks of the Ambra river, there is one of the most explicit and undisputed testimonies of the long history of Valdambra: it is the hamlet of Pogi and its Romanesque bridge, an ancient architectural masterpiece.

River and bridge are, today as then, the fortune of the village: in the past the monks of Agnano settled a mill in this place, confirmed by the documents that came directly from the twelfth century and the bridge, during Roman times, represented the continuity of an ancient route of the Via Cassia Adrianea allowing to overcome the torrent; walking through this part makes possible to immerse in what is an atmosphere of the past. The best position can only be on the parapet of the Pogi Bridge, an incomparable bequest with its five stone arches, both in terms of history and landscape richness, in particular the recent renovation brought the bridge back to a new splendor, making its green grassy banks rich of vegetation, a must for all the lovers of trekking, fishing and photography.


Not far, on the prominence of a hill, there is high Pogi, starting from the characteristic bridge you reach the ancient fortress, originally a peak castle on Ambra, today a pretty village composed of stone houses, as well as assist in every period of the year the colors of countryside, it is possible to venture naturalistic paths in the shade of Tuscan woods.