The suggestive village of Rapale constitute one of the most panoramic places in Bucine’s municipality and at the same time its urban conversation is able to launch anyone into a timeless dimension.

Although the oldest documents date back to the late Middle ages, it is certainly proved that the settlement was already populated in roman times by archeological finds not far from the town center.

Rapale felt numerous attempts of foray, but thanks to its walls, knew how to defend itself strenuously and constituted for centuries an important bulwark for the citizens of the place against the horrors of the war.


Going up the hills of Valdambra, the ancient surviving city wall presents itself with all its medieval charm giving a glimpse of innate beauty: the access road to the castle passes by a paved road that offers on the right the typical shape of the medieval castle with its bell tower and on the left a parapet overseeing the Valdambra.


All around, woods and cultivated fields, vineyards and olive groves follow one other repaying the visitor’s sight with a tranquility that only nature could give.