The green gold of Valdambra

The area of the Comune of Bucine, as that of most of Tuscany, is characterized by the presence of a widespread and merit landscape olive growing from which oil is the essential proponent.

The Comune of Bucine has undertaken a path of promotion work and valorization of olive growing and oil produced in Valdambra who aims at:

- Defend and preserve the biodiversity of local olive growing through identification, reclamation and appreciation of native olive germ of Valdambra.

Olive trees can appear all the same species but if we pay close attention to the trees we can see clear differences in form, color of leaf and fruit. In fact, it concerns different genetically species between them, in Tuscany the species verified (cultivars) are about 80.

Most important and popular cultivars are: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino, next to these are more species tipic of specific olivic area.

The Valdambra, thanks to ground and weather condition, offers a very rich olivic biodiversity, in collaboration with CNR (Consiglio Regionale delle Ricerche) IVALSA of Florence, it was started a mapping classification job of exclusive genotype of Valdambra, which is a characteristic element for the production of unique and typical oil tied by territory.

- Improve the high quality of the oil produced in Valdambra

The extra virgin olive oil, produced in Valdambra, crushed with the best extraction techniques, has excellent organoleptic characteristics, from deep-green to green with golden hues and typical fruity aroma with fragrance of artichoke and fresh grass.

The extra virgin olive oil is a fundamental food of Mediterranean diet, identified by all as healthy and, since November 2010, recognized as UNESCO World Heritage.

The consumption of extra virgin olive oil is very important for the health thanks to his high oleic acid content, presence of antioxidant essence such as polyphenols and vitamins and low content of acid saturated fat.

The dates elaboration researched by CNR IVALSA of Florence of chemical analysis of Valdambra’s genotype and the sensory analysis made by Panel Test of Camera di Commercio of Arezzo, compared with other parameters of Tuscan olive oil quality, have demonstrated the high quality of the olive oil produced in this area.