Memory trees

In a landscape which seems to be painted from a renaissance painter we can find out masterpieces created by men close to those shaped by Nature.

The most noteworthy trees in the territory of Bucine, considered even by national authorities, are: the domestic pines of Migliarina, the black mulberry tree of Casa Zani, the holm aok of Bellavista, the cypress of Petrolo, the oak of Badia a Ruoti, the yew tree of Pietraviva, the olive tree of Montebenichi. Among these trees the holm aok of Bellavista and the yew tree of Pietraviva have already been included in the list of monumental trees of Tuscan Region.

Trees which are astonishing for their shape, dimensions and the age they can reach.

These Remembrance trees are plenty of stories, emotions, memory and secrets safeguarded in every branch.

Getting in touch with them is an experience which creates a deep link between mind and heart, joining men and nature.

Gorgeous trees which rise up into the sky as real giants to protect a land rich in history, magic, natural beauty, all worthy of being known, promoted and appreciated.

The territory of Bucine, since long, has undertaken a path of valorisation of these trees thanks to laboratory and educational activities dedicated to children, citizens and tourists.