Natural environment

 “… in the mountains pastures, turkey oaks, chestnuts, olive trees on hills, vineyards and other fruit trees, among which we can find mulberries in the inferior plains, where it is easy to find especially cereals, corn and legume cultivations. All farmhouses hold a little herd of sheep, a poultry or other beasts. Villages of this valley enjoy a healthy air, pure water and a tempered climate.” In this manner  Emanuele Repetti, a famous Tuscan scholar who lived between XVIII and XIX centuries, described Valdambra.
Even now Bucine and its land, set between Chianti, Upper Valdarno and Valdichiana mountains, offer a lively natural landscape featured by the typical Tuscan countryside: hills covered by a dense vegetation of
heather, junipers, Holm oaks, strawberry trees, brooms, monumental trees, valleys plenty of farmlands and typical productions, the most important of which are grapes and olives cultivations, and where men have integrated themselves in deep respect and connection with their own territory.
 Ambra is the most significant river of the valley floor and it crosses all the territory of Bucine: it springs from Monteluco mountains, confining with territory of Siena, and then it goes into Arno river following a path 35 km long. Its banks have been populated since ever and we can still see the mills and the bridges near which villages and churches rose up. As we gradually leave, the panorama changes: on hills covered by dense woods we can see villages, cultivated lands, vineyards and olive groves; traditional dry stone walls, Tuscan cypresses and countless madonnas scattered all over the territory often mark the confines.
Walking through woods represents each time a new experience: picking blackberries in summer, mushrooms in autumn, wild asparagus in spring, wild flowers and salad, bumping into curious roe deers, quick and careful hares, boars and their cup or, more rarely, suspicious foxes.
Each season offers colours, smells, savours, fruits and unforgettable images of a territory where you can still find the pleasure of tranquillity and live unique emotions.