Routes and trails for all

Valdambra is a welcoming land, nestled in Chianti mountains and High Valdarno, crossed by Ambra’s river: it is suitable for people who love walking in search of a natural, cultural, historical, artistic, gastronomic Heritage, plunged into an environment where men have been able to integrate the selves for centuries by shaping landscapes in accordance with their native land features.

Walking in the same mood as people who want to know, discover, taste the pleasure of peacefulness, of a land and its culture. Thus, one itinerary after another, the numerous castles of Valdambra reveal their ancient past, starting from the one in Montebenichi, passing through those in Cennina and Rapale, up to the magnificent tower of Galatrona and to what remains from fortifications in Ambra and Castiglion Alberti. Step by step we can come into spiritual places such as Badia a Ruoti and Badia Agnano abbeys, Galatrona and Santa Maria in Altaserra ancient churches. We can cross small hamlets deep in the green hills, woods, vineyards, olive groves, like in San Leolino and Duddova, and we will silently stop ourselves in front of remembrance places, or stunningly at the foot of an ancient tree.

In the territory of Bucine you can find itineraries and paths suitable for everyone, skilled and trained walkers, but even people who choose to stand up and walk for the first time, since eventually “Walking is the great adventure, the first meditation: a practice of heartiness and soul primary to humankind" (Gary Snyder).

All the itineraries are easily accessible even on horseback and by mountain bike.