Sentieri del Viandante

“The travel. No other word encases in such a concise manner the curiosity and the innate willingness to discover that has made the human being what he is now. I heard people talking of the Valdambra during one of my trips around the world, and one day I resolved to visit it, journeying trough the ancient roads that cross it.

Forests, castles, sorcerers, ancient hamlets, striking landscapes and remains of ancient civilizations, this tiny valley in the middle of Tuscany has astonished me more than once during my journey. I’ll try to tell what I have seen, describing the places that I visited and how I got there, the colours and scents, the sensations that this rugged land has bestowed upon me, because a travel isn’t a true one if it is not made with mind, but - above all - with the heart.”

“Il Viandante”