Tarese of Valdarno

Tarese is a cured pork meat in an unusual size. It has ancient origins attributable to the need of conserve, with resourcefulness, every piece of pork meat, in periods in case of doesn’t existed any type of refrigeration and salted is the only way to conserve the meat. From the processing of bigger porks, traditionally around 200 kg, derives the really remarkable size and every characteristics of Tarese of Valdarno, which can be up 50 cm for 80 side. To produce this huge bacon is used the back and the belly of the animal and also a fine part of the pork, the pork loin. The prominent and lasting but, at the same time, delicate flavour, makes the Tarese stand out. The lengthy aging gives softness and smoothness with a spiced mark thanks to the spices in which is covered. The processing takes place in three phases: first of all the central part of the meat is deboned. Then the meat is reformed with a mixture of pepper, red garlic roughly ground, juniper essence and other spices, according to a secret recipe different from maker to maker. The spiced piece is put under coarse salt. After salting, which usually lasts between 10 and 15 days, depending on the size of the piece of meat, the Tarese is cleaned, washed and again reformed with a texture of garlic spices and then the aging begin for a variable period from 60 and 90 days. Tarese of Valdarno is a Slow Food Presidium


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