Bucine welcoming land, rich in history and magic in the heart of Tuscany

The territory of Bucine, located just where Chianti mountains touch the upper Arno valley, along the path of Ambra’s river, lies in the middle of the triangle made up by three well-known cities: Arezzo, Florence and Siena.

Rich in history and populated since ancient times, in the Bucine area we can find fossils, antropologicla artifacts, remains of Etruscan and Roman settlements, noteworthy medieval castles and churches. During World wars period the territory suffered from awful killings which are still remembered nowadays in the so-called Memory Places.

The landscape is characterised for its gentle hills covered by heathers, junipers, Holm oaks, trees berry and brooms, monumental trees, valleys rich in farmland and typical products, among which stands out grapes and olive trees cultivation, breath-taking views enhanced by terracing and traditional dry-stone walls.

The territory has always been devoted to high-quality traditional production; expert farmers and manufacturers are still now the keepers of these antique traditions. Oil and wine play the leading role in local production. Food and wines are strictly linked to the territory through a great variety of recipes rich in simple ingredients and authentic savours.

Visiting the hamlets is really a pleasant experience which offers to visitors a string of images and extremely evocative places, rich in history and art. It is easy to find ourselves immersed in local festivals especially in small lively villages, where parents, grandparents, elderly and young people living there, all working together convey their passion for the place they live in and make traditions which time tends to erase live again.