The church of Galatrona

Around the tower you can find the romanesque parish church of Saint John the Baptist in Petrolo.

From whatever direction you approach it, the building's light façade and the white bell tower disappear temporarily among the cypress trees that frame the small earth courtyard facing the church.

Inside you can find three naves divided by simple squat plastered pillars and rounded arches; the roof is supported by wood trusses. the altars are expression of a refined "poor art"; on the walls are oil paintings on canvas dating XVII century which include on the left side a Madonna with Child and Saints.

The building houses three outstanding works in glazed terra-cotta which Giovanni Della Robbia made between 1517 and 1521.

The first of the three can be seen on the right: it is an imposing baptismal font which is set on a hexagonal base. Some sacred scenes represent through five high-relief panels Saint John the Baptist's life; in the sixth panel, the central one, you can see Christ's baptism. Panels are divided by some low relief pillars.

On the wall behind the baptismal font, in a niche with a riche frame and little garlands, is set a statue of Saint John the Baptist, considered by critics as one of the best masterpiece of Giovanni della Robbia. The saint raises his hand to announce Christ's coming, while in the left hand he holds a title block.

On the central altar, one can see the tabernacle, the third Della Robbia’s masterpiece; it has the shape of a hexagonal Renaissance templet with six high-relief panels: in the rear panel you can find a wood door, while other panels show figures of Saints all inside a niche. Panels are separated by small pillars with low relief decorations; a small cupola with a lantern and a cross crown the panels.