The Tower of Galatrona

The tower of Galatrona, also called the “torrione”, together with the marks of its access door, is what remains from one of the most important castles of the territory. Dating back X century, it rose on a hilltop to protect and control the parish church, considering that a branch of the consular road Cassia which joined Rome to Florence, passed just through this area. 

For all the middle ages and up to end of XIII century, history of Galatrona is related to the dispute between Florence and Arezzo first, then between Florence and Siena, as happened for all Valdambra. It is just in 1335 that Florentine people occupied the castle of Galatrona. From the act of submission to Florence we know that, at that time, there were two towers: in addition to the one visible today –the new one- there was also another one –the old-, now disappeared.

From documents dating 1427 we get to know that the castle harbored a fortified castle, composed of a heap of small houses almost all occupied by farmers and small land owners.

The tower, built in sandstone and bricked up by means of lime mortar, 500 meters above sea level, is 27 meters high and internally divided into five floors. The walls, of a regular width of 7 meters and a thickness of 1.8 meters, give the tower an impressive and austere look.

If you reach the terrace on top of the power, you can understand the strategic relevance of its location in order to control the territory, considering that the gaze range from Valdarno up to Valdambra and its borders. The panorama offers to visitors a string of images and extremely evocative places: on hills covered by dense woods we can see villages, cultivated lands, vineyards and olive groves, traditional dry stone walls, Tuscan cypresses, and a dense vegetation of heather, junipers, Holm oaks, strawberry trees, brooms.

But be careful! You could also find Nepo from Galatrona, a wizard saved from Inquisizione by Lorenzo the Magnificent.