Visiting our villages is really a pleasant experience which offers to visitors a string of images and extremely evocative places: plunged into an incredibly beautiful landscape we can find stunning villages on gentle hills, rich in history and art. In these places you can perceive a sense of magic and feel deep emotions thanks to the people living there: keepers of a territory where many hands, heads and hearts have been working together since centuries, today these people are able to transmit the passion for their land and make you feel quite a Tuscan. In a world where taking time off has become a luxury, people coming to discover our villages find themselves plunged into a place where you can taste the pleasure of slowness and conviviality. Thus, while walking among cobblestones, it will be easy to bump into a sunrise, and then into a joke, since Tuscan people love making jokes. You shouldn’t amaze yourself at seeing them taking care of small vineyards, olive groves, or vegetable gardens, or preparing elaborate and flavourful recipes according to the tradition; and then, they usually end up with having fun all together: simple gestures and moments which, over the ages, reflect the deep link between themselves and the territory and which remain in people’s memory forever.